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Příběh s ponaučením - lovestory

Smutný milostný příběh s ponaučením. Téma maturitního zkoušení.

I knew a boy who had got a disease. The disease was incurable. He could die at any second. It must have been a terrible feeling.

He lived with his mother and he did not go out of the house. One fine day he changed his mind. He decided to go to the city and visit a lot of shops and interesting places.

When he entered the music shop, he saw a beautiful girl. It was love at first sight. He looked only at her. She asked: "How can I help you?". He wanted to kiss her. He stumbled: "Yes, aaauuuuaueuhe... I would like to buy a CD." He grabbed the first CD which he saw without thinking . ''Do you want to wrap this CD into gift paper?'' the girl asked with a smile. He answered: "yes". She left and then she came with the wrapped CD. He left the shop and he went to home. From this time he went to the music shop every day and every day he bought a wrapped CD. He never unwrapped the CD, he only put the CD into a drawer. He was too embarassed to ask her to go out with him . Although he tried.

All he could do was to put a paper with his telephone number on her desktop when she had not seen him.

"CRRrrrrrrr...." his telephone rang. His mother answered the phone: "Yes?". It was her - the beautiful girl from the music shop .The mother started to cry and said: ''Don’t you know? He died yesterday''

One week later. His mother went into his room. She opened his drawer and saw a lof of unrapped CDs. She was curious and therefore she unwrapped a CD. Under the gift paper she found a paper with a message: "Hello, you look nice. Do you want to go out with me?". In each unrapped CD she found a paper with the same message.




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