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The Big Bang Theory

Anglický článek na volné téma. Ke zkoušení se může hodit.

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre.

I like this serial because th serial is full of humor and jokes.

A bunch of young guy who love physicist. They are brilliant physicists and they understand how the universe works but their interact with another people is wrong, especially with women. Leonard loves only one women his neightbor with a beauty named Penny for long time. Penny is blond and from Nevraska ant therefore she is a little like men – she has muskels and she likes Americal football though everything she is prety. Sheldon is interested only in physics, playing computer games and watching sci-fi films like Stars Wars etc. He do not like people actually he is scared of them, but i newer episodes sheldon met with short and ugly girl. Only she is good enough for him becuse she is a brilliant doctor and work is everything for her, but she will never behis boyfriend because sheldon is not intereste in sex and in thing like this. On the other hand, Wolowitz is addictive to girls but no women wants not him and Koothrappali can speak with women only if he is drunk.

I have watched the serial every day about four moth ago and I felt myselft more relaxed then now but I am happy because new epsisode is coming. I had to downloaded each episode from Uloz.to because the new episode was broadcast on CBS channel and have not this channel.

I must reveal i saw all part of The big bang theory in English with Czech subtitles.



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