Meeting with a future classmate

HI, my new future classmate. Cause we will be together in one class for next three years I would like to meet you. What do you think about next weekend? Details about place and time I let to you.

At present I have got long black curly hair. I will have a red hat on my head. My face is normal - I have got ears a long way off my head, and my eyes are like azure. My mouth is small with full lips. If I forget have a shave, I will have a beard. And I do not have to see to you, that I have glasses, cause I have got very bad eyes - I am a bit of blind.

I am going to say something interesting about my present and your future classmates. But It will be not for free - you will have to do something for me. Fair play, do you think so?

I guess you will prepare a gift for me. That is good idea. You must know I need new shoes. My size is 9. Thank you.

I look forward to meeting you. George.



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